Box-Fit Classes

Classes & Benefits:


Our Box-Fit program is a fun and energetic functional fitness class

that incorporates boxing techniques and box related fitness

conditioning. We only accommodate for 8 people per class which

enables us to offer personalized variations to you if needed and to

keep a close eye on your alignment and technique.


What to expect in our Box-Fit program:


We do a number of pre-warm up and warm up exercises to prepare the body for the program.  Our main phase consists of a wide variety of functional exercises, including some kickboxing aims to get your heart pumping and to challenge you in all the right places. We do work with weighted apparatus to encourage exercise progression, increased bone density, muscle endurance and strength.


To complete our well-rounded Box-Fit program we take some time out at the end of each class to target and loosen specific tight areas in the body and include exercises that promote all spinal ranges.


View our schedule to find your favorite Box-Fit timeslot and make your booking through Box Champ.


* Own boxing gloves and pilates/yoga mat required/Alternatively rent these apparatus from the studio

* Boxing gloves R30

* Mat R30


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Mint Pilates Wellness

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Leanne van den Berg
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