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Classes & Benefits:


Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise that teaches you to move mindfully

and increases good postural awareness and overall strength.


Mint Pilates mat work classes are small, specialised and unique in nature,

tailored around the particular needs of each client to ensure adequate

benefit, physically and mentally. We focus on good biomechanics of the body

and mastering and applying the principals of Pilates to conditioning your

body for functional activities.


Core Pilates Principals:


A   -    Alignment

Spinal and Pelvic alignment: We aim to achieve neutral zones for all of the joints in the body particularly the joints of the spine and pelvis and to challenge and strengthen you in correct alignment.


B   -    Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing: We aim to develop the strength and full potential of the diaphragm. We also teach and make use of the mobility and stability roll that breathing plays during movement.


C   -    Centering and Co-ordination

Challenging the deep intrinsic stabilizers of the spine “core”: We aim to strengthen the abdominal and other important joint stabilizing muscles in their “end, mid and inner” ranges.


We teach you how to activate the correct muscles required for specific movements and to co-ordinate stabilizing the spine and other joints whilst any other movement is taking place.


We incorporate all the elements of fitness in each workout with the exception of an intense cardio-vascular workout. Our highly qualified and experienced teaching staff works together to design and create sessions around all the participants and their special needs.


We aim to challenge and improve your muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, co-ordination, joint alignment and stability. All of these factors are important for a fully functional body and in achieving optimum fitness. The end goal is to have full body awareness and control over your body and the movements that it is capable of.


The importance of neutral in your joints:


To start, neutral position refers to the resting position of all the joints. This position allows for the least tension on nerves, tendons, muscles and bones. The muscles are positioned in their resting length, which is the most optimal length to develop maximum force most efficiently during movement.


Dynamic movement is effectively achieved when initiated from a neutral position allowing one to move through a great range of motion before returning to neutral again.

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