Bianca trained and qualified through Body Control Pilates in 2009. She is a master mat work, reformer and pregnancy Pilates instructress . She is the founder and owner of Mint Pilates Wellness Studio in the Northern Suburbs,Durbanville/Bellville. She has been featured in the Movers and Shakers section of the Get it Magazine and featured in numerous fitness inserts on the Doctors Orders show and the Expresso Morning show on SABC3. She has a special passion for designing training programs for all the programs offered at the studio. She lives and breathes wellness, Pilates and creating a special place for clients to come and unwind and focus on their wellbeing!

Leanne began her studies in 2008 at the University of Stellenbosch where she graduated with a BSc. in Sport Science. In 2011, she graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a BSc. Honours in Biokinetics. Leanne went on to complete her internship in Mossel Bay the year of 2012, and continued to work there permanently in 2013. Leanne then decided to expand herself and return home to Cape Town and start her own practice here. Leanne has a passion for rehabilitation as well as health, wellness and fitness. She really enjoys working with people and helping with conditions or ailments that affect one’s quality of living.

Robyn qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Stellenbosch University. She has a specialised interest and passion for working with children with diverse conditions and is currently based at Tygerberg Children’s hospital. She has gained experience in managing children with developmental disorders, autism, physical disability, learning difficulties as well as children with Sensory Processing disorders.  Robyn has been a part of the Mint team since 2013 in consultation capacity assisting with the Mini-Mints program and running workshops for the instructors. 

Cathy has always needed to know how things work.  This took her on a journey from completing a B.Sc. degree in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry to studying Astro-Physics and later law, which led to her practising law as a member of the Cape Bar and Advocate of the High Court for 15 years, until October 2014.  These years were the building blocks of the foundation Cathy needed to finally follow her passion, which is energy dynamics.  Everything is energy.  If we understand energy, we understand life, ourselves and our place and purpose in the universe.

Inspired by a deep desire to reduce the pain suffered by her mother during a serious illness, Cathy became a Reiki Master Healer in 2009 after two years of studying through the American-based Crystal Chamber Center School of Reiki, with Dr. Elizabeth King.  The gentle Reiki energy transformed her world and her thinking.  Using the skills she had learned in her own personal hypnotherapy, she discovered the amazing benefits of devoting time to the regular practice of meditation.  This soon became her passion and completing her foundation hypnosis training in South Africa through the London-based Past Life Regression Academy, with Doug Buckingham leading the training, was naturally the next step. Cathy is certified as a Registered Hypnotherapist at Affiliate Level within The General Hypnotherapy Register, the registering agency for the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, United Kingdom. Her training is ongoing and she cannot imagine that she would ever want to stop learning.  Sharing what has become her passion, is simply something she have to do!  Being able to accompany others on their sacred inward journeys, is a privilege beyond description.

All things food intrigue Bryony, they captivate her thoughts and leave her hungry for more. Bryony sought out to explore this interest, which over time became her passion, dream and life. She believes food is a language, as it speaks of different flavours, different countries, lives and stories. The truth lies in how you interpret this array of flavour and how you are able to tell other people your stories through food. It is for this reason that Rootz Juice and The Mint Kitchen speaks so strongly. It is a platform where we can express ourselves through motion and balanace. Creating the balance of what we out in and what we put out. Rootz Juice and The Mint Kitchen is a dance, a dance of feeling, flowing movement, meticulous thought, admiration, and peace.

As the head of the Mint Kitchen, this exciting opportunity allows us to combine the goodness of food with the benefits of exercise. This holistic approach to wellness means that clients can receive the very best of both worlds, dietary assistance and expert health and fitness advice. This partnership aims to create a better understanding between how we interact with food and how we look after our bodies. It also concentrates in creating optimal health, a sustainable template easy enough for all of us to practice.

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