“Invest in your health, as it is your true wealth”
“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

Reformer Pricing Package

1 Session
/Per Week
R 980
Monthly Rate
R  2640
3 Months Upfront
2 Sessions
/Per Week
R 1 700
Monthly Rate
R 4 590
3 Months Upfront
3 Sessions
/Per Week
R 2 370
Monthly Rate
R 6 300
3 Months Upfront
4 Sessions
/Per Week
R 3 040
Monthly Rate
R 8 200
3 Months Upfront
Drop in
/Once off
R 260
Class Rate

Other Rates

/Per Month
R 490
Drop in
R 1 880
4 Sessions
R 3 600
8 Sessions
Semi- Private
/Per Month
R 380
p/p Drop in
R 1 440
p/p 4 Sessions
R 2 800
p/p 8 Sessions
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    Harry & Linda Bell


    As “old crocks” in our mid 60’s the wife and I decided to try Pilates. My wife suffers from Scleroderma and I have had back problems for s number of years. After less than 6 months, all I can say is “what a difference” Of course there is no cure to Scleroderma but my wife is much stronger, can get down and up off the matt without help and her joints are more flexible.And as for myself, I can go for an hours walk along the streets and get home with no back discomfort at all. I have not had an ounce of back problem for nearly 4 months and as Pilates strengthens my core so any chance of backache disappears into the distant past. If I had known 3 years ago what I now know I would never have waited do long to put myself into Bianca’s hand.

      Theresa Anders


      Well I like to say that a Wednesday at 6 at Mint Condition studio is my little piece of heaven.Since discovering the benefits of pilates, my life has changed quite a bit. I first started with pilates in a gym, in a class environment, which worked pretty well at the time because the instructor kind of gave me the extra attention that I required. I guess that I should enlighten you to the fact that I have a disability – cerebral palsy. For those who are not aware, it is a disability which affects people differently. I am one of the very fortunate, I only have to deal with stiff muscles and this is irritated by the cold or stress and effort of getting around.Since starting my one-on-one classes at Mint Condition, I have been able to manage my stress more effectively and am also able to move with more ease as my range of movement has increased. I really just want the ability to move with more ease and I know that I am getting just that, and more from my sessions. Oh, and being a woman, we all want beautiful bodies, and I can see the changes. So that is a bonus.

        Susan Rossouw


        Baie dankie weereens vir al jou moeite en die baie goeie werk wat julle span by Mint Pilates doen om ons almal in goeie kondisie te kry en hou. Ek waardeer en geniet die oefen sessies geweldig baie. Moet ook byse, my selfbeeld het baie verbeter, en dis als net te danke aan julle puik span by Mint Pilates!Geniet n wonderlike dag verder.


          Client From London

          Hi Bianca, Just a short note to thank you so much for letting me join the classes while here on holiday. I was impressed with both your knowledge of Pilates as well as of the human body. You were a really patient teacher and explained everything so clearly. Once again many thanks. Please feel free to use this as a reference if you wish; I wish you well with your pregnancy and the new baby. Hope to see you again when I’m next in South Africa

          OUR TEAM

          Meet Our Professional Staffs


          Founder & Owner of Mint Pilates Studio
Mat and Reformer Pilates Instructor


          Mint Mat Instructor


          Nutritional Therapist


          Questions & Answers​

          We asked a few of our clients a few questions we thought you may want to know the answers to. Here’s what they said:
          What is special about training at Mint?

          “Bianca, I would say a lot of what is special at Mint is you. I was new to Pilates and you made it so easy and comfortable to slot in. Both you and Leanne are so easy to talk to and you are genuinely interested in helping people improve their fitness. Although I am in a group class, it still feels like there is a personal touch to every person in the class. I doubt you would get that anywhere else. I might be rambling on here, but there is a vibe when you walk in, you get a sense of the professional approach. You know the people’s names and it’s not about filling classes, it’s about quality sessions. I could go on, but will stop now.”

          — Grant Dodgen —


          “Couple of answers here: The classes are always different, not repeating the same routine week after week. The classes are always challenging. As opposed to other pilates groups I’ve been to, the instructors at Mint check that you are doing exercises correctly. Then I really appreciate that you’re flexible about which classes I attend, been a bit crazy with travel the last few months.”

          — Kaye Cox —


          “When doing exercise and especially Pilates, one needs to make sure you are well looked after. At Mint Pilates Wellness Studio you get exactly that. Bianca, Leanne and Liz are fully qualified and highly trained professionals and very hands-on instructors who focus on you as the individual and your and your body’s specific needs. You definitely feel cared for. In fact, once you start, there is no turning back. It is addictive!”

          — Anèl — 

          Why do you leave your training up to us?

          “I believe that the trainers are very qualified and professional. They always ensure that your training is suited for your needs and capability.”

          — Lorraine Pederson —


          “Love the energy of the Bianca and Lee Anne and the individual attention everybody receives at Mint. Each program get’s tweeked to suit the individual’s needs. “

          — Alka —


          “When I walk through those studio doors I have no doubt that I will be welcomed by an excellent team that work hard to make each session an exciting, creative and challenging one.”

          — Stacey Pikker —


          “Because it’s the most fun you’ll have working out”

          — Twins Leroux —

          How do you feel after your sessions?

          “I feel good after the session like I worked and have achieved something, I normally have my best run of the week the day after Pilates.”

          — Grant Dodgen —


          “Good. Usually can feel that I have worked out, sometimes not as much so but I almost always can feel a day later a slight stiffness in certain areas that we worked in the class.”

          — Kaye Cox —


          “I always feel energised and look forward to my next session”

          — Lorraine Pederson —


          “Depending on the class you are attending, the feeling varies from feeling tired in a good way, relaxed to exhilarated and energised. Irrespective of which class you have been attending, the after is always better than before.”

          — Anèl —


          “I feel energised and ready to take on the world (if you can survive a full blast training session at Mint you can survive anything) A great feeling of accomplishment to me 🙂 ” 

          — Alka —


          “To me exercise should be about having fun and learning something new, whilst working up a sweat at the same time. Once I leave a session I know all the boxes have been ticked and look forward to the next one.”

          — Stacey Pikker —


          “Energized and ready to take on anything”

          — Twins Leroux — 

          How has training at Mint benefited you?

          “I started with a goal to be injury free for running, wanted to strengthen core and other muscle groups without having to go to a gym. I believe that Pilates has made me stronger, Since January I have been able to run for 5 to 6 days a week, double my mileage from last year over the same period (with no injuries, touch wood). I will be running my second Two Oceans Ultra on Saturday and first Comrades in June , I know that Pilates has help me train better for this. Oh I can also see improvements in my body.”

          — Grant Dodgen —


          “I feel stronger and can see my baby belly has definitely gotten smaller. Also given me a better awareness of daily postural mistakes I make. Just wish I could find the time to attend more!”

          — Kaye Cox —


          “I have achieved my goal weight after having had two children and feel more toned up. “

          — Lorraine Pederson —


          “Mint training has benefited me immensely. My spine always had a curve to the left with a narrowing between my C5 & C6 and my C2 pulling to the left. After x-rays, my spine is now straighter with the narrowing having disappeared. My right SI-joint which was always a problem, is now much less troublesome due to increased core stability. All-in-all I feel fitter, stronger and healthier.  Thank you MINT!”

          — Anèl —


          “I am physically stronger and more toned than ever!!”

          — Alka —


          “Sometime ago I injured by knee and needed to have an operation on it. I’d been doing pilates for a while before the operation and can confidently say that the healing process was that much quicker already having had that strength prior.”

          — Stacey Pikker —


          “We feel physically and mentally stronger. The Mint Studio has been a big part of helping us change our overall lifestyle for the better”

          — Twins Leroux — 

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